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Admin Ambassador: While yes, there are threads being created in the rp section, the site is not ready for rp yet. You are all free to create characters, and remember the rules, for every normal character you create, there must be another character that fills a a roll. Jun 28, 2013 15:56:47 GMT
Admin Ambassador: I feel like I'm just talking to myself on here.... Hello... hello... hello... (echoes) Jun 28, 2013 21:47:19 GMT
c: .... *sweat drop* This is really complicated.... Jun 30, 2013 1:32:18 GMT
Admin Ambassador: It is a little big and probably complicated for people who aren't used to a proboards format Jul 1, 2013 15:34:20 GMT
Admin Ambassador: I admit its a lot to take in especially if you aren't used to proboards, I was overwhelmed when I first started. But it's easy to get the hang of and a learning process. Jul 1, 2013 15:35:13 GMT
Admin Ambassador: Before you know it C you'll be navigating the site like you've known how all your life :) Jul 1, 2013 15:35:40 GMT
direct: Hey Guys Jul 9, 2013 21:44:32 GMT
Admin Ambassador: Hey bro, thanks for joining! Have you been on a forum like this before? Jul 9, 2013 21:46:13 GMT
lovethenight: Hello there! I think this will be awesome. Don't disappoint me, please. Jul 10, 2013 4:04:36 GMT
Admin Ambassador: IT SHALL BE MUCH AWESOME! Jul 10, 2013 16:02:57 GMT
Admin Ambassador: I can't wait to see everyone's characters, that's always my favorite part :) Jul 10, 2013 16:03:19 GMT
Admin Ambassador: Hey everyone, just to let ya'll know, the site is QUITE ready to start the rp yet. But it will be soon. For now just make your characters and such. I'll be gone tommorow and back on Sunday, so I can't garuntee that I will be online then. Jul 10, 2013 18:19:49 GMT
Admin Ambassador: All of the areas in the rp will be ready for roleplay once enough characters have been created. I'd like at least ten more role filling characters before we start. Jul 10, 2013 21:25:13 GMT
direct: Hmm. What to make? Jul 10, 2013 22:13:10 GMT
Admin Ambassador: The site is currently undergoing construction, as i have not finished drawing the banner, maps or pictures for my characters and the areas you can rp in. It will be much prettier when I finish... Jul 10, 2013 22:22:50 GMT
direct: (: If you want help, Im open. Jul 10, 2013 22:30:34 GMT
Admin Ambassador: Thank you, but I got everything planned out. I do appreciate your offer though. :) Jul 10, 2013 22:35:19 GMT
Admin Ambassador: If you have characters that do not fill a NEED TO BE FILLED role, then you must make one or two at least. For every character that does not fill a needed role, you must create one that does. Jul 14, 2013 18:24:47 GMT
lovethenight: Where is everyone? Aug 21, 2013 1:33:32 GMT
lovethenight: etughashfdgbjwjv Sept 12, 2013 0:05:28 GMT
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